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We Care Wings


This program is designed to assist senior citizens with application processes involving food stamps assistance, filing for Medicaid/Medicare, and weatherization request for their homes. We will assist the elderly with obtaining prepaid phone cards and/or add minutes to existing prepaid phones (Safelink Wireless, etc.). We assist with getting medical equipment such as walking aids, medical supplies, household items...etc.

Safe Wings

This program provides elderly households with free testing of their existing smoke and fire alarms systems and free replacement of systems that DO NOT monitor/detect Carbon Monoxide. We will work closely with the local fire departments to schedule a "walk-through" during testing to ensure there is an escape plan in the event of smoke/fire, and verify their accessibility to the premises and fire hydrants. We will also manage lawn care for their homes.

Wings Of Hope

This program will provide bill payment assistance to senior citizens with delinquent utility and heating/gas bills, rent, and mortgage payments. We also assist with Utility and Rent deposits.

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